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No Drama Llama

Introduction Introducing foil transfer art! Learn how to draw a cute and easy llama, then layer the colour overtop using a fun printing technique. You can experiment with different colours and the end product will look like you have tie-dyed your paper. If you don’t have the materials at home, to do this, then simply […]

Fancy Frog

Introduction Our easy frog draw along is the perfect activity for younger students who want something fun to draw. You can underpaint with watercolour and go over the top with markers, acrylic paint pens, or anything you have at home. Keep it simple, or add extra bits to make it a real fancy frog! Materials […]

Minecraft Steve

This artwork came by request from Jack, one of our students at Bourke St PS who wanted to draw Steve from Minecraft – this involves repetitive 2D and 3D shapes.

Pretty Unicorn

The simplicity and sweetness of this artwork makes it an easy and fun project for anyone – requested from Catriona from Randwick PS.

Paper Relief Sculpture

For the students who love origami and paper folding, this one is for you. The results can be visually impressive and so colourful.

Bear and Bird

This is one of the most simple yet very cute drawing activities for our younger students. There is so much scope to do anything you want with this polar bear.

Smiley Buildings

This particular artwork was inspired by James Rizzi’s Happy Cityscape artwork. Children can get very creative with adding faces, windows and doors.

Zentangle Cat

Zentangles are structured drawing patterns in small sections, which is what makes this ‘cool cat’ stand-out.

Chinese Dragon

Class Artz Academy home artz

This fun and easy Chinese dragon is so versatile and can be adapted to pretty much any medium. The scope here is limitless. All you need is to add imagination.

Collograph Printing

Class Artz Academy home artz

A collograph is a simple printmaking process that is easy and fun and the best part is that there is no right or wrong with the end product.