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Upcycle Owl

Introduction These adorable toilet paper roll owls are so fun and easy to make. Instead of throwing out your empty TP rolls, upcycle and re-purpose them to create a little arty craft. The best part is designing their faces, wings and chest. Best suited for 7-10 year olds. Materials empty toilet paper rolls sharpie or […]

Koi Fish

This Koi fish is an intermediate drawing but can modified to suit whatever level your child is working at. The work focuses on curves and soft rounded lines. The ‘marker and water’ technique gives it a soft yet effective watercolour look.

Continual Line Owl Drawing

Although usually used for warm-up activities, continual single line drawings can sometimes stand alone as a finished piece of art. This is not meant to look like a polished piece of work but it’s fun and can fill up a lot of your time especially if you choose to colour it in. The video tutorial will show how one single unbroken line is used to develop a simple image.

Fancy Forest

This collage artwork was inspired by Elouise Renouf, a UK based artist, designer and illustrator. Using strong shapes, texture dynamic colours, this nature inspired autumn forest is a collage that kids will love to make.Create it

Anzac Poppies

It is incredibly important to instill a sense of respect and understanding about Anzac Day in students by teaching them the traditions, history and symbols of the day. This artwork focuses on simple poppies, just one of the symbols of our Anzacs and war veterans.

Shape Explosion

This colourful work focuses on drawing one-point perspective. It is a way of drawing objects upon a flat piece of paper so that they look three-dimensional and realistic.

Minecraft Steve

This artwork came by request from Jack, one of our students at Bourke St PS who wanted to draw Steve from Minecraft – this involves repetitive 2D and 3D shapes.

Bear and Bird

This is one of the most simple yet very cute drawing activities for our younger students. There is so much scope to do anything you want with this polar bear.

Smiley Buildings

This particular artwork was inspired by James Rizzi’s Happy Cityscape artwork. Children can get very creative with adding faces, windows and doors.

Zentangle Cat

Zentangles are structured drawing patterns in small sections, which is what makes this ‘cool cat’ stand-out.