Term 4 will be an exciting At Home Art Program with a box of premium art materials delivered to your child + last chance to redeem your Creative Kids Voucher for $100 off!
Art Classes

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Term 4 - Art at home program

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On Demand Online Art Program

Creative Expression Sessions

Video tutorials

The fun and easy-to-follow videos are packed with nifty tricks and tips, step by step demonstrations, and interesting facts about the subject (or artist) that we are covering for that session. Kids can pause, rewind or fast forward and learn at their own pace.

Remote Art Classes

Once you register, our 10 video tutorials will be accessible on demand. Students will be able to work through the 10 fun activities at any time, from anywhere in the world! A materials checklist will also be included for students, so you’ll know what you need before starting.

No Prerequisites

Our Creative Expression Sessions are designed to suit all skill levels and abilities – there is no assumed knowledge or expectation of a students’ art background. These lessons are meant to be fun, creative and expressive, less restrictive than a regular online art class!

Creative Expression Sessions - Online Art Classes

$99.00 inc. GST

Our brand new online art class series ‘Creative Expression Sessions’ offers 10 different art experiences as an on-demand option through video tutorials. These lessons will allow children make powerful art connections in a way that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ finished artwork.

Registrations are open!

Creative Expression Sessions

For the first series of the Creative Expression Sessions, we’ve created a range of unique and fun activities, with plenty of skill and interest-based modification options for your child to work with. It’s aim is to inspire children’s self-confidence by giving them the opportunity to explore their natural creative processes and produce skill-based art with open-ended outcomes. 

What will students learn?

Each of the Creative Expression Sessions will focus on developing a new and different skill. The tutorials will provide direction and guidance on how to create the artwork using this particular medium. Some of the sessions will be based on artworks by famous artists and students will learn about the Masters as well as Contemporary and Australian artists.

The activities are designed to help children communicate, problem solve, show uniqueness and improve their fine motor skills. The outcome is not for the students to have a ‘cookie-cutter perfect’ artwork, but instead simply allowing them to learn, think freely and experiment with the range of art methods they will be introduced to.

The Benefits of Creative Expression Sessions

Launching soon!

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