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Parent Handbook

for new Class Artz Academy students
Table of Contents
Our Aim

The Visual Art program at Class Artz Academy is designed to encourage and challenge students to achieve their artistic potential in an enjoyable and supportive environment. Students develop their creativity and imagination as well as refining their practical and fine motor skills. They learn to make choices when experimenting with materials, tools and techniques.
Throughout their time in our classes, students will get the opportunity to explore a wide variety of different art mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and clay. Students learn to communicate through their art, respond to the artworks of others and gain appreciation from well-known artists.
Students attend one two-hour session per week after school on the premises of their school grounds. Our appointed rooms are a wonderful place of creativity and exploration. They are spacious, well equipped and inspiring learning environment.
The artworks produced by our talented students are celebrated and some are displayed around the school as well as on our Social Medias pages and website. Parents are encouraged to visit our Facebook and Instagram to see what the children in our schools are working on.


Online Enrolments

All enrolments are done online through our website. The enrolment window goes live on a selected day each term and parents are notified through our newsletter send out. Classes do fill up quickly and we don’t ‘reserve’ places in our classes. Parents can enrol their child after the commencement of the term and the price will automatically be deducted for any missed classes.


Absent and Missing Children

Fees are not refundable, unless negotiated for an extended illness or other reasons.
When children are away, the teacher’s aide will spend one on one time with the student before the lesson in order to get them back on track in line with where the class is up to.



Cancellation of Enrolment

If you choose to withdraw from the term, you will be charged a small administration fee, minus the classes that your child has attended.
Cancellations must be done by phone or e-mail to our office manager.


Payment of Fees

Class fees are listed with the school’s enrolment information on our website. Payment in full is done online via credit card payment using Stripe.


Discount on Fees

We are a registered Creative Kids provider with Service NSW. Parents will need to apply for their voucher on the Service NSW website, then apply their $100 voucher towards our program at the time of enrolment and registration. We also offer a sibling discount for parents enrolling more than two children.


Art Materials

All materials for all classes are included in the term fees. Children are welcome to bring their own smock or work shirt but this must be brought weekly as we have no storage facilities to keep them on site.



From time to time, we take photos of students during class and of their completed artworks. These photos will never include the child’s face and are only used for Class Artz Academy’s promotional purposes such as advertising, brochures, social media and our website. As a condition of enrolment, your consent is implied. Should you not wish that your son or daughter’s artwork is photographed, please notify us in writing.


Student Behaviour

It is the right of all students at Class Artz Academy to experience a safe, pleasant and supportive lesson in a nurturing environment. Both staff and students have a right to be treated with respect and enjoy an environment free from bullying, harassment, violence and discrimination.

Where there are issues of continued misbehaviour, the teacher will contact the parent. The Academy Principal will also be notified and the matter will be discussed over the phone or in a private meeting. A Class Artz Academy student may be removed from the program if the students’ behaviour has put the health, safety and well-being of other students, staff or themselves at a significant risk of harm and/or injury. 


Child Safety

Class Artz Academy aims to provide a safe environment for all children at the service, and that all staff and educators take all precautionary measures to oversee the safety and wellbeing of the children under the care of the service in regards to their health and safety. This will involve adequate supervision, demonstrating appropriate behaviours and practices, and the development implementation and monitoring of procedures for identifying, mitigating and, where necessary, preventing hazards.
Educators will support the needs of the children so they are safe, feel safe and return safely to parents/guardians by developing and maintaining a culture where children feel safe, cared for and respected. Staff will take all reasonable steps to protect against these hazards as they arise.


Complaints and Concerns

Class Artz Academy aims to maintain a harmonious environment where any concerns can be dealt with by using a friendly, mature approach. The service recognises the rights of parents, contractors, volunteers and of course children to express their concerns about any issues and to raise such concerns in an environment designed to resolve problems and protect those involved. Parents are encouraged to raise any issues with the teacher, or if more comfortable, address the issue to the Academy Principal.


Delivery and Collection of Students

Class Artz Academy aims to provide a safe experience for student collection which ensures the absolute wellbeing of the children in our care. Parents/guardians will be required to follow specific communication procedures to ensure the service can provide appropriate care of their children.
Kindergarten students will be collected in their classrooms for the first 2 weeks of classes. Our teachers and Aides will have signs to indicate our meeting point, it is imperative that Parents need to communicate this to the child as well. We have two student ‘roll calls’. The first one at the meeting area, and the next one at the beginning of the lesson.
Parents need to collect their children from the classroom or designated meeting point at the end of the lesson. If children are going on to after school care following the end of the art lesson, they will be accompanied by the teacher or the teacher’s Aide.
A signed and dated permission note will be required if parents give consent for their child to walk home by themselves after the class. This note will need to be given to the art teacher.


First Aid, Incident and Injury

In the case of an incident, Class Artz Academy staff will make every attempt to ensure the situation is managed effectively, to prevent any exacerbation. Family members or emergency contacts will be informed immediately where the incident, injury, illness or trauma is deemed serious and be reported to the NSW Regulatory Authority as per the National Law and Regulations.
Every Class Artz Academy classroom is equipped with First Aid kits and our staff is trained in emergency protocols.


Occupational Health and Safety

If your child has an existing medical condition, allergy or disability that may affect their participation in class, please notify the Class Artz Academy Principal at the time of enrolment.


Snacks and Food

Parents are asked to provide a nutritious and wholesome snack for their child to eat after school during the supervised play time before our art session begins. Students need to have something to sustain them after school to help them focus and concentrate on their lesson. No eating is permitted during our class time.


Covid Safety Protocols

We are a registered COVID-safe business and we have protocols and procedures in place to help operate safely and manage health safety risks for our staff and students. For more information about our Covid-Safe plan, please enquire.

Got a question?

Visit our FAQs for more information or please feel free to get in touch with us via phone or email anytime, and we will help you out!